Monument Igniter Size 3

Monument Igniter Size 3
Monument Igniter Size 3



***LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION*** For a limited time you MAY receive black igniters! These special edition brushes are exactly the same, just black. Rare is as rare does!

Exceptional quality meets with excellent value. Bombwick Igniters are made from the finest Kolinsky Sable and designed with a shape that will load a sizable amount of paint, while delivering perfect control with every stroke. Great “snap” and very fine points to put the finishing details on your models. Great for use with acrylics as well as other thin mediums, Igniters will allow you to blend easily and create the finest details at any scale. Clean and re-point with Jen's Drunken Brush Goop and you can expect these brushes to outlast the competition. This is our go-to brush for all our high level painting needs!

Round Shape, Size 3

Kolinsky Sable Natural Hair Brush