Limited! - Pepper & Rudolph

Limited! - Pepper & Rudolph

Monument Hobbies

SKU: MMC-007

With Santa on a killing spree and headed directly toward civilization, it's up to Pepper and Rudolph to save the holidays! Niether of them want to put Santa down, but they're bringing the tools to do whatever's necessary. The gifts must flow! 

Inspired by Ralph Bakshi's Necron 99 / Peace from the movie Wizards, Pepper is the North Pole's chief security officer and last hope. He's brought along his trusty shotgun and Rudolph the red-nosed reinturkey to get him to Santa before time runs out. Now it's up to you to bring these two to life and tell us how the story ends. Pepper & Rudolf are a 75mm scale, resin-printed, two-piece model (body and base). Designed by Monument and sculpted by the awesome Mini Monster Mayhem, they only require minimal cleanup and attaching to the base to get going!

How do the Paint Party Models work? Each quarter, we will release two new models for the Mutha Lovin' Paint Party. Each set will have a different theme and be divided with one fantasy style, and one sci-fi. Models will be available only during the Paint Party quarter they are released in, and after that are gone! 

Purchasing one or both models will get you ONE entry into our quarterly Paint Party giveaway, including over $1000.00 in goodies! One entry per customer only. Check out the Paint Party page for more!