Paradise - Noa Reed

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In the dark, seedy cells of Paradise's most perilous prison, Noa Reed was born to an inmate mother who died during childbirth. Raised by guards, Noa spent her youth learning hand-to-hand combat and weapon use, crafting her into a fierce warrior. The prison, a place of unwritten laws, violence, and secrets, was all she knew until a massive uprising forced her to flee from inmates bent on revenge. With the prison destroyed and her world in ruins, Noa escaped into a world descending into nuclear chaos. She allied with other girls along the way, forming the Raiders to survive the turmoil.

Years later, Noa still sees the angry, cruel faces of her pursuers in her nightmares. Rumors persist that some are still free and have joined the Slug Lords.

1:24 Scale (85mm total height)

Resin kits may require minor clean up of parts prior to assembly. Use ProAffix Glue for best results when building.

This is not a toy. Ages 14+