Pro Acryl Expansion Set #4

Pro Acryl Expansion Set #4
Pro Acryl Expansion Set #4

Monument Hobbies


The newest expansion to our Pro Acryl paint line! This set includes 12 new colors with the same, amazing Pro Acryl quality. 22ml bottles Colors include - Yellow Green, Faded Green, Bright Jade, Dark Flesh, Burgundy, Plum, Pink, Warm Yellow, Warm Flesh, Khaki, Warm Grey, and Neutral Grey.

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Excellent colors with a few duds

I bought nearly the entire line of Pro Acryl paints and so far they've been great. The only caveat is that a few colors are pretty bad, namely the yellows. I know they're naturally more transparent than other colors but Pro Acryl yellows seem to be even worse than other brands. They're extremely watery and thin and the coverage is absolutely abysmal. I've made sure to shake each and every bottle and, even with a pink undercoat, they always require many layers to get to a decent opacity, more than even Citadel or Vallejo yellows. The metallics are also a tad watery, with better coverage than Vallejo's Model Color but not as good as Citadel's metals. The dark silver and silver are both very nice, though, with the two golds being a bit sub par. Still, barring those, the rest of the line has all been lovely. The paint is a bit thinner than what I'm used to though that just means I don't need to thin them nearly as much, if at all, and the coverage on nearly everything else has been 1-2 coats and done. The range itself is pretty varied for being as small as it is though I do wish it had a few more varieties of red. A vermillion, orange-red, and a black red would all be great additions, I think.

Brian H.
United States United States

ProAcryl line

K, thus far I'm Very impressed. Pros: 1. These paints ALL thin quite nicely with water, including metalics and do well with other additives as well. 2. The way they flow off my brushes is just sublime, far as I'm concerned. 3. ALl dry with a nice matte finish, but can Easily be altered or painted over to achieve a nice gloss or satin finish. 4. No Surprises with how the paints cover and Most do really nice coverage in one or two thin coats. (some pigments, regardless the brand, are Not going to cover like a nice brown or black will, this is Normal and to be expected). Cons: 1. Biggest issue is these bottle tops. I expect much clogging and ick building up round the tip, even if I clean each time. 2. I would have rather bought the Whole line of colors, pants,an additives all in a single set, whatever the total number of colors currently offered at the time of purchase. Buying each sort of mini-set struck me as mmm a very minor irksome thing, I'd have liked the option to just buy the whole kit an kaboodle, which is what I did, just ... meh, I prefer to buy the lot in one go instead of buying 4 or 5 "sets". Overall, I think these paints are the sort of, "I'm feeling serious about painting my models" kind of paint. There are lots of amazing lines of paint, this one thus far has really distinguished itself in my view an justified some of the great reviews it's getting from influencers.

John W.
United States United States

Monument Hobbies Paint is Awesome

Seriously the pain goes on minis smooth and matte, the color range keeps growing and this is my go-to paint! Looking forward to more paint sets and color options to expand my collection. Keep up the great work Monument Hobbies.

Mark P.
United States United States

paints are good quality, will buy again

only thing i'd change is getting the flip caps, the ones they ship with are ok but i prefer flip tops

Logan B.
United States United States

A Monument-ally great company

The paints I have used have been awesome. Great coverage, a terrific matte finish, and consistent colors across bottles. I love the Monument Hobbies ProAcryl paint.

Jason H.
United States United States