Build Your Own Paint And Brush Bundles!

Paint Bundles

We understand that everyone has their own favorite colors and that there is no way we can get the perfect set to match those for all artists. Instead, we've created bundle pricing that allows you to build your own sets from whatever colors you like and get the same, great value as if you bought our prebuilt ones. Just add single colors to your cart, and when you hit 8 you start receiving the bundle discount! Works for all normal 22ml Pro Acryl colors. Primers, basing textures, and mediums not included. Pricing will update in your cart automatically.

Brush Bundles

Want to use sables for detailing and synthetics for basing and heavy-lifting? Want to get just what you need in a set, but can't find the right mix? We got you covered! Our bundle pricing on Pro Series brushes guarantees that you'll always be able to get the perfect mix of brushes no matter what you're doing. Just add 4 or more brushes to your cart to start receiving the bundle discount! Pricing will update in the cart automatically.