2 Players

30 - 60 Minutes

Ages 14+

Moderate Complexity

Humans now live alongside the Asura that came through The Breach. Many of the Asura are Wild Asura - cunning, animalistic creatures that are dangerous and destructive. But some of the Asura are Noble Asura - intelligent, sophisticated, autonomous beings of intent.

You and your opponent are Shepherds - humans whose inner magics resonate with the Asura. Shepherds enlist and cooperate with the Asura for a variety of mutual benefits, and they are as diverse in their motivations as the Asura.

As Asura battle, their emotions invoke meteorological phenomena that disrupt the environment around them. After activating barriers that prevent collateral damage, Shepherds then collect this magical energy in the form of “Magical Charges”. The Shepherd needs this resource to meet objectives, cast spells, and support their Asura in battle. Balancing these crucial needs is the very core of the Shepherd’s responsibility.

Meet the Asura!




Qamar Djinn