Pro Acryl Alternate Lid Set - Flip Top

Pro Acryl Alternate Lid Set - Flip Top

Monument Hobbies


We also offer different lids for our 22ml Pro Acryl paints! The Flip Lid gives you a simple open and close drip top that allows for a good amount of paint to be dispensed quickly for airbrushing and other high-volume uses.

10 lids per set.

ONLY FIT 22ml PRO ACRYL Bottles (January 2020 onward)

Also available as a dropper lid.

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Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Alternate Lid Set - Flip Top Review

Great Caps!!

I love this caps. Think they are awesome and prefer them over the twist caps. They don't get overloaded with pressure and leak when you open them, and the drops are pretty small and easy to control, so less paint is wasted. And they look pretty sweet on the self. Love these caps.

Emma C.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Alternate Lid Set - Flip Top Review

My Preferred Lids

I love these lids, and I wish they were the standard. But I’m glad monument makes them available for cheap. One of the many reasons I’m slowly but surely switching almost all of my paints over to ProAcryl.

Matthew Y.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Alternate Lid Set - Flip Top Review

Excellent alternative flip caps

These are great flip top caps! Very convenient to use and dispense more prescient amounts of paint. They do get some dried paint buildup which needs to get picked off from time to time, but that is unavoidable and to be expected for any kind of paint tops. My only criticism is that I wish the paints were sold with this type of cap to begin with.

Christopher V.
United States United States

Helps with storage space.

I like these a lot, because they help me save space with storing my paints. They do not, however, eliminate paint buildup on the caps. Just like the standard tips, paint will build up there and need to be cleaned off. All that said, I still switch all my bottles to these, and will continue to do so.

Derek P.
United States United States


Easier to shake. High release and low release of paint. More control of paint release. More robust and compact. Significantly less tall. I was going to give them 4/5 because I have only just received them today. But I feel like I am going to love these. 5 stars!

Christopher W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom