Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey

Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey

Monument Hobbies


Pro Acryl PRIME is the absolute best hobby primer you can get! We've formulated our primers to give great flow through your airbrush with no thinning required and easy cleanup, but also to work great by brushing them on with 2 quick, light coats! Great matte finish and strong adhesion to make sure all your paint grabs the model the way it should. In addition, they are color-matched to their normal Pro Acryl counterpart!

120ml bottle.

Make sure to allow the primer to cure fully for best results.

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Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey Review

These make painting even more fun!

The paints are a great balance between coverage, workability, consistency and smoothness. Finish is on the matte side of satin and makes subsequent layers easy to apply. Can’t recommend these enough for people who are tired of working to make paint do what they want and just want to make the paint work for them.

Tyler O.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey Review

Have faith!

I bought this primer after my other excellent experiences with Pro Acryl, and wasn't let down. At first when I saw 'do not thin' and 'leave for 24hrs' I was sceptical, but went with it. Even with a .4 needle and 35psi this was still quite thick to shoot through the airbrush, but it does get there. The self levelling properties really do work once its dry, and you get an excellent, comprehensive coverage. From the finish you can easily tell the surface has a lot of 'bite' for your base coat. My only hope is that we get a brighter grey, as this is so close to black anyway!

Australia Australia

Monument Dark Primers

I have used Dark Grey and Black Primers from Monument for a while now.Both as a brush on and more recently, through the airbrush. I really like the coverage, consistency and the no need to thin them. They made me switch from my other primers

Ronald K.
United States United States

Primer Pitfalls

It has been my experience that primers serve two purposes. One to prepare your model surface for painting and two, to clog up your airbrush. Until that is, I found Monument Models primer. It sprays and behaves like normal acrylic paint. No nozzle clogging noted. Upon disassembly, my airbrush looks like any other time I have been painting. Yet, MM primer prepares the model surface just as you would expect and primer to do. Well done Monument!

Tom W.
United States United States

Easy and perfect brush on primer

I don't have an airbrush; I've been using rattle can primers and that means I really can't prime anything during the cold winter months. I tried some other brands of primer and they went on kind of thick and uneven, plus they were a pain in the neck to work with. The Monument Pro Acryl Primer brushes on thin and smooth, coats evenly and leaves all the details on the minis intact. I'm sure it's a great airbrush primer as well, but it's really changed my life. Now I can happily paint minis all winter long without having to plan months in advance.

Gordon R.
United States United States