Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey

Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey

Monument Hobbies


Pro Acryl PRIME is the absolute best hobby primer you can get! We've formulated our primers to give great flow through your airbrush with no thinning required and easy cleanup, but also to work great by brushing them on with 2 quick, light coats! Great matte finish and strong adhesion to make sure all your paint grabs the model the way it should. In addition, they are color-matched to their normal Pro Acryl counterpart!

120ml bottle.

Make sure to allow the primer to cure fully for best results.

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Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey Review

These make painting even more fun!

The paints are a great balance between coverage, workability, consistency and smoothness. Finish is on the matte side of satin and makes subsequent layers easy to apply. Can’t recommend these enough for people who are tired of working to make paint do what they want and just want to make the paint work for them.

Tyler O.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl PRIME 005 - Dark Neutral Grey Review

Have faith!

I bought this primer after my other excellent experiences with Pro Acryl, and wasn't let down. At first when I saw 'do not thin' and 'leave for 24hrs' I was sceptical, but went with it. Even with a .4 needle and 35psi this was still quite thick to shoot through the airbrush, but it does get there. The self levelling properties really do work once its dry, and you get an excellent, comprehensive coverage. From the finish you can easily tell the surface has a lot of 'bite' for your base coat. My only hope is that we get a brighter grey, as this is so close to black anyway!

Australia Australia

Sprays super smooth, but FYI it is dark

Firstly I’d say that this primer (and also the black) sprays like buttery silk. Iwata HPCS 30psi, chefs kiss. So easy, coverage is great. Way nicer than some of the primers I’ve gotten from a B&M hobby shop. I think it’s better than Stylynrez. No clogs. Effortless. Absolutely beautiful to work with. Fantastic. My only complaint (and it’s more of a note than a complaint) is this is a dark primer. Perfect for a first layer of a zenithal as It’s a lot closer to black than it is to grey. I’m really hoping they come out with a mid or bright grey primer! Otherwise this is a 11/10 product, but you should be aware it’s dark.

United States United States

Good primer for airbrush

Primer worked great in my airbrush with a .05 nozzle tip at 15-20 psi. No thinning required. Goes on smooth. Dries nice.

A Monument Hobbies Customer
Jeremy J.
United States United States

I have been using other paint lines for the longest time, and started finally using the Pro-Acryls. I immediately boxed up my other paints and started ordering the colors I would need. I will be ordering exclusively from Pro-Acryl and need to get the rest of your line. Thank you for such amazing products.

Joshua L.
United States United States