Monument's Mutha Luvin' Paint Party is a community-wide event, spanning multiple content creators and channels. Participants have the chance to learn some great painting techniques with fantastic new models and get a chance to win great prizes from all the awesome partners as well! The models and prizes change with each quarterly episode, so don't just sit there, get the minis, join the party, and get to painting!

Time Left To Participate 

In Episode Two - 


Meet the Episode Two Models!

Each quarterly episode of the Paint Party has a theme, and this one brings us Into The Dark! One fantasy and one sci-fi style model that will take you on a journey into the unknown. On one side is Deedra the Wanderer. Sit down and let her tell you her tales if you dare! On the other, we have Kosmo the lost... are the stories true? What really happened to that fateful mission?

Meet the Partners!

We have teamed up with some of the best and most exciting companies in the miniature and 3D printing business for our Mutha Lovin' Paint Party this year. From incredible sculpts to imaginative bases for your models, great 3D printers and printing services, and all our awesome hobby products, we've got you completely covered when it comes to enjoying the hobby! All the partners below have shown a belief not only in the world of miniatures, but the hobbyists that make it so great. Join us in welcoming them aboard, and make sure to show your support to each and every one of them!

Mini Monster Mayhem designs incredible creatures for all your gaming needs! Fantastic miniatures in STL format for you to print and paint. Lee creates all the models for the Mutha Lovin' Paint Party, and you can join in on his Patreon to support his work and get yourself some of the most creative minis in the biz!

Elrik’s Hobbies is a veteran owned, one-stop shop for miniature wargaming bases and supplies. They have the largest range of base sizes and designs anywhere. All resin bases are manufactured in-house and shipped direct to you. Elrik’s also specializes in terrain and basing materials. The Paint Party minis all come with Elrik's bases, and you'll find great examples of their work in the Prize Pool all year long!

Epax offers durable, high resolution 3D printers that create awesome details at any scale. This US-based company is at the cutting edge of 3D technology and has partnered with us to offer machines and resin for the Paint Party prize pool! Great products and support for all your 3D printing needs.

Bloody Sword Miniatures / 3D Printing Pro is run by Greg Kourakos, one of the leading names in the 3D printing community. Greg offers up detailed reviews of hardware, insights into printing techniques, and even his own line of miniatures for gaming. All the supports for our models are done by his capable hands!