Mutha Lovin' Rules and Info!

The Mutha Lovin' Paint Party is a journey to get everyone hobbying in a more social atmosphere, even when socializing might not be easy. We've partnered with some of the best companies in the biz, along with our entire Monumentals team of content creators to bring you great hobby entertainment and products. Yep, there will be PRIZES!

Here's how it works - Each quarter (every 3 months) during 2021 brings a new Paint Party episode. We'll be working with the partners to create two EXCLUSIVE models for that episode's theme, and those will only be available here on the store for the quarter. Once the episode ends, the models are removed from the store, and the next episode begins.

Our goal is to have one fantasy and one sci-fi model each episode, to make sure there is something for everyone. Pick one or both and then check the CALENDAR to see which of your favorite Monumentals is going to be working their magic on the minis. Join in and take part in the fun. It's really that easy!

Every person who purchases either (or both) of the models for an episode is automatically entered into that quarter's giveaway. Each episode offers one single winner a tremendous opportunity to get over $1000.00 in awesome product! Everything from 3D printers to Paint brushes are on the menu.

Even if you don't make a purchase of one of the models, there will be ways to enter the drawing each episode. Our partners and Monumentals will be offering entries at random times during the event, so stay tuned and make sure to follow all the creators and join in to get a chance to win!

That's it. It's really that simple. Buy a model (or two!) and have a great time learning new painting techniques or show off your own. Then wait for the end of the episode, when we draw the ONE WINNER OF MASSIVE PRIZES!