Airbrush Cleaning Brush Set

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A full ring of mini cleaning brushes to get your TG or XG airbrush back to perfect! These nylon bristled brushes have a core of stainless steel and are perfect for cleaning nozzles and brush body for nearly any airbrush.

Brush sizes range from 2mm - 6mm

To clean the body of the airbrush - 

Simply remove the needle and nozzle from your airbrush, dip the proper sized cleaning brush in water or cleaning solution, and insert into the body from the front, gently moving back and forth to remove any dried paint or debris. Flush your airbrush with water or cleaning solution immediately after to remove anything loosened during cleaning.

To clean the nozzle -

DO NOT insert from the front side of the nozzle. 

DO NOT attempt to push the brush through the entire nozzle.

Only insert the small cleaning brush from the rear (larger opening) of your nozzle and only until you feel the brush getting tighter as the nozzle tapers. Rotate the nozzle around the brush while inserted this way and then pull out the brush slowly to remove any loosened paint or debris. Flush with water after.

Repeat as necessary!