Paradise - Dok. M. Strauss

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Dok. W. Strauss owes everything to his grandfather, a surgeon with a double life: a loving grandparent and respected doctor by day and a medic for the underworld by night. As a restless and perpetually sleepless teenager, Dok started on the path to becoming a surgeon at a young age, assisting his relative in his illicit activities. His desire to experiment and his morbid curiosity about chemical concoctions and poisons, however, pushed him to exceed all limits, constantly moving along the fine line between life and death. In the lawless, hopeless new world rising from the ashes of war, he found fertile ground for his mad experiments and delusions of grandeur. Along with other ambiguous figures, he leads the Slug Lords.

1:24 Scale (90mm total height)

Resin kits may require minor clean up of parts prior to assembly. Use ProAffix Glue for best results when building.

This is not a toy. Ages 14+