Pro Acryl Base Set

Pro Acryl Base Set
Pro Acryl Base Set
Pro Acryl Base Set

Monument Hobbies


24 of our best selling colors to get you started with the Pro Acryl lineup! All Monument paints are a premium high-density pigment in superior acrylic mediums. They provide great coverage right out of the bottle, thin evenly to achieve any level of transparency, and dry to a beautiful matte finish. Whether brush or airbrush, we have formulated them to provide the same consistency in color and coverage.  Pro Acryl paints come with an innovative, no clog, cap, that provides the benefits of a dropper bottle and twist cap all in one! All paints come loaded with our signature glass agitators and are sealed for freshness! 22ml of paint per bottle.

Paints included -

Bold Titanium White

Coal Black

Bold Pyrrole Red



Golden Yellow


Burnt Red




Sky Blue

Faded Ultramarine

Dark Grey Blue

Bright Warm Grey

Dark Warm Grey

Golden Brown

Light Umber

Dark Umber

Camo Green


Bright Ivory


Tan Flesh


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Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Base Set Review

Best choice ive made in a long time.

I bought the base set and expansion 1 from amazon about a month ago. As someone who has tried other hobby paints, I was blown away. For someone who does not paint miniatures, it's kind of difficult for me to stop into a local hobby shop and find someone doing what I do. I 3d print and paint statues and collectibles. I've used everything from Vallejo and mission models to army painter brand and craft paints. I wanted to find something close to what I used in art school high amounts of pigment that thins down and reacts to mediums in specific ways, something I can thin down for an airbrush and not lose the vibrant color of the paint. For me this is it. Today I ordered the 2nd and 3rd expansions and some single metallics. I can't wait till they get here. This was the first large print I've started working on exclusively with pro acryl. If you are hesitant about starting with new paints don't be...I can not imagine anyone in their right mind not loving these paints. Thank you guys for what you do for the hobby. You've made me excited about painting again.

jason b.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Base Set Review


I've had my heart set on these paints for awhile, fully eager to test out their potential. Now that I have the first set im more motivated to continue my hobby and collect the rest of the sets! Its time to ELEVATE my craft!

David M.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Base Set Review

Bought it for my son-in-law. He said the paint set is awesome and loves it.

Ruby P.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Base Set Review


I am new to mini painting and on a recommendation from a pro painter, I purchased this base kit. I had tried out some other brands and was frustrated because they didn't do exactly what I wanted or expected them to. The coverage was awful, and the blending difficult. I just could get the techniques down from watching other painter. That all changed when I purchased Pro Acryl. They cover, the blend like a dream and I instantly bought EVERY. DANG. SET. The one thing I dislike is the caps, but I purchased the dropper style caps and I love the. If you are struggling, try this paint. It automatically made me a better painter.

Octobra J.
United States United States
Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Base Set Review

Stop fighting your paint

Great coverage, strong pigments, smooth application. It’s refreshing to just put some paint on the palette and just be able to paint. No thinning required. These paints are very smooth and most colors can be applied in just one coat. Need a tint/wash? Just thin these down as much as desired…I have yet to have these “break” from over thinning. Even the Bold Titanium White is able to achieve full opacity over a black primer in just 2 coats. No powders finish, no streaky brush strokes…just clear, thin color. Stop fighting your paint and get back to painting.

Eric P.
United States United States