Texture Trainer #3 - The Crone

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Monument Texture Trainers are the perfect way to test your skills and try new techniques on a larger miniature! We incorporate many different materials in the sculpt to allow you to to practice painting textures and really focus on your method for each portion of the model. We also use a relief sculpting style, so you only have to focus on painting the front-facing side of the figure, letting you dive into new lighting and focus directions more easily. Paint and repaint to try out new color schemes and approaches, or focus on getting it perfect and put it in your display case. Great for any painter and any style of painting!

The Crone is approximately 59mm wide, 68mm tall, and 38mm deep. Includes Texture Trainer Stand for displaying. 

Designed by Monument and Ines Toczyska. Sculpted by William Tsang

Box Art by Matt DiPietro!